Lyrics Friendly of Jahn Teigen


Let me tell you now, there is something wrong,
I can read it in you face.
I can't lie to you I must tell the truth right now.
I will listen now, I rely on you. Coz you know I need you so.
Don't you be afraid, i wont let you be alone.
Coz here we go!
Don't you know my love is forever.
We can make it work, take it easy.

Don't you know that we can be friendly.
We can make it work, take it easy now.
Don't you worry now, I just need some time.
I must rearrange my life.
I will wait for you, you're just feeling blue right now!
Then i need to say, will you go or stay.
I wont gamble with your love.
Don't you be afraid, I wont let you be alone!
Coz here we go!

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