Lyrics Your precious love of Otis Redding

Your precious love

Your precious love, nowMe moan to meThey didn't love, they didn't love would ever be, meFor when I wanted you, oh nowI was so lonely and so blueThat's what love, that's what love really made me do And darling, oh, they keep saying that our love will go, nowBut honey I wanna tell themAnd I just wanna show themHow in the world do they know, now It's very long, oh now, oh nowFor as long as you make love with me, nowI know our love will grow widerAnd so deeper than any any ever seen, now Of all, of all the things that I want, nowIn this whole wide world is justFor you to say, for you to sayThat you'll be my my girl, now, now And I'm calling, I'm wanting youI just keep wanting you, now, oh nowI'm wanting you, nowNobody but you, nowNobody but you, now Oh, I just wanna tell you just one more timeFor your precious love, now, oh myIt means everything in the world to meEverything in the world to meAnd I'm just so wild, nowJust to have youRight on with me,Oh now, now, now

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