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Top Testi is the perfect spot for artists and bands - emerging and not - thanks to its perfect search engines' placement.

You will have your own profile inside our search engine simply sending us your lyrics, bio and link-profile, totally free of charge!

We assure you a great visibility since we will make a periodic rotation of all the profiles we receive and put them directly on our home page.

This way you will gain popularity plus we will do the same on our social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Google + where we have already thousands followers.

In the lower part of our home page you can see a bar that casually shows some profiles from artists who sent us their info.

Clicking on one of the pictures will re-direct the user to the artist profile.

Our contact: info@toptesti.com


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The Life Of Post Malone

The Life Of Post Malone

To many, Post Malone is a legendary singer who has redefined the music industry. While commonly regarded to as a rapper, he has also redefined the music industry by claiming his music is in fact "genre-less". [..]