How to create a music website

Do you want to build a website or an app and don't know where to start?

We have the tools to better organize your musical project and identify and acquire the necessary and functional data for your idea.

Pictures of artists, albums, tracks all perfectly organized on any database.
In addition we are able to find even more detailed information on request.
These data are constantly updated by our staff in order to always be in line with the new music releases.

Collaborate with us, requesting information from info@toptesti.com.
We can be your ideal partner in the realization of your web/app project or grow your record label.


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The Life Of Post Malone

The Life Of Post Malone

To many, Post Malone is a legendary singer who has redefined the music industry. While commonly regarded to as a rapper, he has also redefined the music industry by claiming his music is in fact "genre-less". [..]