Lyrics Chapter ii: for i have sinned - the praise of Ceremonial Oath

Chapter ii: for i have sinned - the praise

At dusk Simon's kneeling before the altar, searching
Searching for the Truth, for Enlightenment, for secrets to be revealed.
He's begging for the power to unchain
For guidance. Then he hears a voice say: "You are free
From your bonds to me."


With the infant in his hand, and the moonlight on the
Blade, he cried I beg to the damned Spirits of all
God's condemned. Make me plunge it in the chest of
this child, three weeks old. Let the dagger writhe in
flesh and, in the image of Wheghtor, incise a mold."

For I have sinned
Sin after sin
For I have sinned

"Oh, no save me..."

[Interlude - The Praise]

"Obscurarum artium Domine, te invore.
Quim peccavi et iter peccabo.
Duce me per tenebrarum iter et tuum Cursum mihi illusine.
Domine menevoci musculta, te invoco.
Meam quasi immortales animam ad novas magnitudines duce.
Melioremvitam quaero.

Facito ut per ignis voragines agam.
Danique in tuum desideratum amplescum cadam.
Te adoravi te supplico, domine te invoco"

For I have sinned

For I have sinned
Sin after Sin
For I have sinned

"Help me release my godless soul, the rain I cannot bare.
My life was filled with lies and greed, yet so full of fear.
Rescue me from life by death, then it's time for me to reach my immortality as a servant of Evil."

The fallen priest held his head high:
"My whole life has been a lie".
He knelt to receive his award while he yelled "Look my Lord

I praise thy name, let it be done.
The battle of my soul you've won.
I'll forever live my fantasy.
Forever dwell
In ecstasy

For I have sinned
Sin after sin
For I have sinned

"For I have sinned"

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