Lyrics Grand avenue of Annie Hall

Grand avenue

He was a good cop fighting for law
He drove his car round and around on the Avenue

He met a pretty girl standing alone
she was just there looking for someone to love

He tried to get a little close to her
every day he was wandering how until that night

He felt good 'cause he wanted to know her
he decided to park his car and to walk straight over to her

"Hello man, can I help you?
to be my friend for tonight it's cold outside and..."
"please don't talk anymore
I think I'm already in love"

Just a few days later
I saw them walking hand in hand in the light of the day

He was kissing her in the crowd
holding flowers, screaming awowowowwaaawow

Now the tale's gonna end
in a little church with a lot of friend
and there's no reason about it
there is love all around

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