Lyrics It must be love of Chico Banks

It must be love

It's screamin' down in my soul
It must be love, oh oh yeah
Cause every minute of the day
Is you that I'm thinking of, yes it is
You know my body is shakin'
And my knees are weak
I barely have the strenght
To stand up on my feet

You don't know what you do to me baby
Got my head in the clouds
Cause every time you speak my name
I just have to shout out loud, oh
It must be love, oh baby it must be love

What you do to me was a crime, baby
You'll be sitting in jail yes you will
Til you a hundred and nine, oh oh yeah
You got to stop what your doing to me ha
You got me so blind that I just can't see ha
I walk around in a daze yes I do
Sometimes I don't ever know my name
Drinking sinking in the water
Now you know that's a cryin' shame
O it's love, so much so much now

It must be love, mmm

All my friends they call me a fool
I guess you can say that's it's true
But if you been getting what I've been getting
You'd be the same way too
Oh about love, oh yes
It ain't nothing but love
I'm here to tell ya, I've been in love with ya
Yes, and your trying to make a fool out of me, mmm

Got me going to work on Sunday's
Oh ah and I'm thinking it's Monday
Whoa, I must be love, Chico
What you doing to me, must be love
That's go me acting like a fool
Oh that's what it is, it must be love
Chico, come on, show me show me
They own it, they own it

It must be love
Play it Chico play it play it
Sure sound good
It must be love

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