Lyrics Here come the cannibals of Euphoreador

Here come the cannibals

I see the mountains
They descend me
Far beneath the lowly sea
My senses they
Do fail me
As the word alone assails

I see that we are neighbors
On the wall
On the same ledge
Beautiful strangers
Beautiful strangers

In all that I viewed
I needed more than it imbued
I could not see
As the words flit forth from me
Is it flies they offer
Yet any morsel from a coffer

You couldn't hold in your eyes
The things that decided lies
Just when needed
Strife thrive next
We would be hexed
And out the door
See more and more
Can't we be
Mortuous and free
Don't you delve beyond thee
Weigh your life for me
Since when

Bring on bring on
The basis soft and shoddy
Water basin always naughty
And then lay on me bather
Times were rotten daily
As if I knew what next would become me
Shopped for derange
And found it under ground

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