Lyrics Long retrieval of Euphoreador

Long retrieval

I wonder how to stand
When ailing bone it pulls
Our feats are in the sand
And we have lost all of our demand
It's been bed-panned
The human soul
A scared little foal
To triumph it runs
We gutless turds
Six billion guns

When the time was wrong
And I could not even
See that I could choose
Not that I've begun
Well it is into
The lengths I've spanned
Where in time
Is when I lost demand

On my soul
On my spirit
Yeah get rid of it
Rid of it

Always more
Always more than I could handle
I was lost ricochet ball
Like an atom unto
A matterful view

If you've ever wondered why
The layers of our skin
Delving deep beside
Delving far within

We are much more than we presume

Well I choose the way I am
Just like a bill-twenty whore
And the line's out the door
But her eyes were so much more
I downplay the dollar
A tail and a holler
And I was crawling taller and away
Was the best thought I had all day
Well the best for the pay

We were so much more than we could ever presume

Shows my blood
Your blood
The one read through vein
Like a page that total to heart does pane
Like window
On world
A bashful little girl
Down low

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