Lyrics Reserve at the moment of expulsion of Euphoreador

Reserve at the moment of expulsion

I've stumbled to the wasteland
On my way to a promise planned
Coming with what may
And then walls
And then a trouble calls me

What did it say

Don't watch upon the hour
Don't look for love to shower
Down on you in abundance
If left to happenstance
You'll be mired searching lost parlance

Don't wait upon the hour
When our highest ideal's vine flower flit
Then what we make of it
We have to give to get
And struggle up that bower

Cadence in a kiss
An inner crux on the way towards bliss
If fear we don't pierce or name
We'll be shirking off our guilt
Trying to float in a quagmire of blame

A man without a country
Ghost of nowhere
Obsessed he'll be
To dawdle cross lines that border impropriety

And let all care free

Slip down to ground like glove
Don't you denigrate
Whatever perhaps we mate
Cleft from something
Left out come bring
That of what we presume
Betwixt a union little room

Like a wave
Over reef
Through the sea
To the sand
We demand

Look but don't touch me
See that I do doubt you knew
What fear zen alignment
Of man and maiden
Voyage heavily laden

Of uneven pulls we don't like at all
Onwards heathen crawling tall
Only towards our goal we go on
Till one of us is gone

You can't defy how a long term love will grow
You can't deny you know
You can't deify when our ignorant tops blow
You whom I love so

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