Lyrics The tides do march of Euphoreador

The tides do march

Don't you feel it freezing in your bones today
I do
I filled all my pockets full of stones
Now I'm sinking into the clay

I miss everyone I ever loved
Nothing seems it will pull me through
My black is more true
Than the deepest blue

I tried so hard
I sank my way
As waif and stray
Applied as bard
No expected pay
But effulgent light of day


I am so damn proud of us humans
I am so in love with what we are

I don't see the poor
I thank god for that
I just see our apathy
Get supersized fat

Lazy shit and we're slacking off
Turn your right cheek and then cough

If only we could
Better ourselves
Slippery slope
Books shelves

I'll find you a better man
If it's the last thing I do
That much is true
Through all the great test place
Bottoms deep
Righteous sleep

Cry for
A hell of a lot more

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