Lyrics Cookie for the smallest person of Sesame Street

Cookie for the smallest person

Girl: It's my cookie!
Boy: It is not, it's mine!
Girl: No, it's my cookie!
Cookie Monster: Dum-de-dum-dum-dum ... What seem to be problem?
Girl: Well, there's only one cookie here and we both want it.
Boy: Yeah and it's mine!
Girl: It is not! It's my cookie! I saw it first!
Boy: Yeah, but --
Cookie Monster: Hold on, me will decide who get cookie.
Girl: Are you kidding?!?
Boy: Yeah, you're the Cookie Monster! If you decide, we know who will get the cookie!
Girl: We weren't born yesterday, you know!

Cookie Monster: Now hold on, hold on ... Okay, me decided that Smallest Person get cookie!
Girl: Of all the -- the smallest person gets the cookie?
Cookie Monster: Uh-huh.
Girl: (squatting down) Okay I'm the smallest! I'm the smallest!
Boy: Hey, that's not fair! You're scrunching down!
Girl: I'm the smallest!
Boy: You can't do that, I'm smaller than you!
Cookie Monster: (stopping them) Okay, okay. (to Girl) You small, (to Boy) you smaller, but --
(Cookie Monster stands aside and suddenly begins to shrunk to pint-size.)
Girl: How'd he do that?
Boy: I don't know, but he's the smallest!
Cookie Monster: (high-pitched voice) I do anything for cookie!
(Cookie Monster picks up the cookie, now bigger than he is, and marches off.)

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