Lyrics Home of Clifford T. Ward


The sun is shining brightly

There are no clouds in the sky

People talking outside

An' the traffic going by

The aeroplanes fly

Home is where I'm gonna be


Take my word an' I'll be there

I won't let you down

Buy in all the fare

That you think we need

'Cos I'll be comin' home

It's where I'm gonna be

This Christmas

With the kids and you and me

Having all the fun

That we used to share

I'll be there 'cos home is where I'm gonna be.

Tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin'

Hopin', hopin'.


I got the ticket for the aeroplane

All I need now is a line from you

Made some money and

I don't feel so stranded

My whole world is lookin' brighter.

Home is where I'm gonna be

This Christmas

All those promises before

This one is for sure

I guess you know the score

Tired of being alone

An' I'll be coming home.

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