Lyrics Today in parliament of Clifford T. Ward

Today in parliament

Today in parliament

You' got the honourable this

And the honourable that

Nothin' so eloquent

As a little bit of mis-

Understanding and a lot of chat

Something you wanna say?

Don't address it to me

You gotta see your MP

He's gonna take up your case today

Do civilised people always act this way?

Today in parliament

You' got shoutin' down the front

And shoutin' at the back

Come on gentlemen, settle down at the front

Sit down at the back

Something you wanna say?

Address it to the House in the usual way

I know you want to have some fun

But civilised people ought to get things done.

Blame Jesus for all the trouble in the world today

Blame anybody you like

But don't blame the government of the day.

Today in parliament

You get rhetoric elective, a little bit of cynicism

Nothing heaven sent

Just a mere hint of socialism, lotta conservatism

' Nothing I wanna say

Let's make a lot of changes and keep it this way

' No where else I wanna go

I'm enjoying myself, I run this radio show.

Neil Kinnock sums it up right

'You have to break eggs to make an omelette-ah!

But you don't have to drop the eggs on the floor.'

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