Tech N9Ne

Tech N9Ne



To share certain stories with the world about things I'd usually hide
At first I was apprehensive, but I feel like I'm not the only one
To have this going on inside, so
Here it is, it's called "Heightened"

Exterior I'm angel baby, ain't no crazy
Everyone get along with me
And even the other gang don't hate me
It may appear to you that I can't go shady
And the fame sho' made me a favorite hey there wasn't internal tangled lately
It's like this feeling that for so long I've been concealing
When wrong is done to me, the thoughts I have are quite chilling
Hunger within to incite killing
Evil comes then my soul is lost
Outside I'm smilin', inside I'm bitin' noses off
You're dealing with imagination of the coldest frost
If I so get crossed in a hole it's caught, and dismembered
If pricks hindered a quick tempered
Sick member, it enters in my sixth chak', worse than Hitchcock
Thinking zip locked if this knots distraught
Demons lucky 'cause so far I've kept it contained
Not a soul has seen my inner wicked unchained
Decievers when losing their life to me is mundane
Out is bright, the sun came and it's plum bane
Hard times ain't no way to get softer tones
When the appointment is getting Tech doctored on
They said my health is headed when death knocks you're gone high cholesterol and real low testosterone!
Now I'm frightened
The self inflicted noose around my neck is tightened
The doctors told me not to worry be enlightened
An incision made up on my butt, they were slicin' ten pellets now I'm heightened!
With this extra boost thinking I can't let the juice
Bring what's in me forward and let Lecter loose
So don't step to uce with all except the truth
Your chickens next to roost and I be pressed to shoot off the handle
Stepping incorrectly to me now is such a gamble
Encephalon is now in shambles
Difficult trying to muffle an evil exposure
With people my only concern is keeping my composure
Good is in my soul, but I'm feeling no control
This energy within me multiplying tenfold
So don't come disrespectful or you might just be the chose
By this walking ticking-time bomb come too close I might explode

Aaron! Aaron! Are you okay?
It just this blank stare at me the whole time
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just a lucid daydreamer

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