The Cult

The Cult


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Knife through butterfly heart

Boy fell out the sky
Crashed into the ground
The witness gathered 'round
To see my bloody crown

In that summer
Roll back to mother
In that summer
Roll back to the mother

Runnin' through the crowd
Shapeless like a shroud
Witness gathered 'round
To see my shattered crown

Oh, that summer
Roll back to mother
In that summer
Roll back to the mother

And we're runnin' now
In the scattered sun
The jealousies unspoken
Memory awoken

Love is all around
All around this love
Chaos of the crowd
Everything allowed

The heart is deceitful above all things
With the
The pain that true love brings
Then how we
We reach toward the truth
Oh, magnificent love is pure

A knife split your heart

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Goth rock band The Cult formed from the ashes of the band Southern Death Cult by the vocalist Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy in 1983. The Cult's first album Dreamtime did relatively well in the but it was their second album Love (1985) that would prove to be their international breakthrough and spun two hit singles "Rain" and "She Sells Sanctuary". With their third album Electric (1987) The Cult began a change in sound from goth rock to hard rock which they made complete and reinforced on their fourth album Sonic Temple (1989). Since those early years the band has been through numerous line-up changes, three break-ups and as many reformations. They have continued to record and released four more albums, most recently Born Into This, however they have been unable to replicate the success of their late 80s heyday.

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