Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa


Law of karma

Bongo By The Way

Uh, got killers in the L.A. that take your life in a New
York minute (New York minute)
Uh, flyin' across the Atlantic with a bitch from across the Pacific, truth, uh
Sinnin' every night, every morning ask God for forgiveness
You are now witnessin' a God, God as my witness

I think I finally realized the weight of the Law of Karma
My fate in the jaw of Dharma
When you know your strength, then your weaknesses are your armor
Made it from beloved to hated through all the drama
I had to learn from that place, you could say it's my alma mater
On my way up, nigga learned to play with them scales like Amadeus
Our attitude was fuck you, we gut you if you don't pay us
One finger get you rolled like a layup
So many faces we lost, we could make a fuckin' mosaic
The game's like San Andreas
Nigga die, the streets replace with another player
We keep faith in chaos, knee deep, sayin' prayers
Allah, Muhammad, God, Jesus, Yahweh, Isha, they all teachers
Most niggas claim allegiance, but they non-believers, in practice
I could be guilty of the same infractions, it's taxin'
Claimin' righteousness with heinous actions
That's like the spirit equivalent of invadin' taxes
'Cause the fact is, you know what's comin' back in the end
I used to flow as if my ass was exempt, that was then
I realized by bein' stabbed in the back by a friend
I'm cappin', I say I'm not guilty of capital sin
Just look at me, on stage at the March for Our Lives
With multiple gun charges, involved in homicides
Look at me, crusadin' for violence against women
Lyin' and cheatin' in every relationship I been in
Look at me, speakin' down on a dead man's image
When that's the same reason I was beefing with Akademiks
No matter what we got, karma comes back to get us
I kill these niggas then ask for forgiveness, Amen

Uh, uh, got killers in the LA that take your life in a New York minute, truth (New York minute), truth
Flyin' across the Atlantic with a bitch from across the Pacific (Across the Pacific)
Sinnin' every night, every morning ask God for forgiveness (Ask God for forgiveness)
I walk in his image, Allah as my witness, my witness
Allah is my witness

Even back when I was dead broke, I still felt rich, yeah
Pistol grip pump, red scope on the KelTec, yeah
Tell the truth, I'd rather be selfish than helpless
I'm on a roof in the South of Spain eatin' shellfish

This is a free call from Swavell
An incarcerated individual at Dixon Correctional Facility
This call is subject to recordings and monitoring
To accept this free call, press one
You may start the conversation now
Peace God
I was buildin' in the, in the cell man, I was thinkin' about you man, so
This where I'm at it, bro
Remember when I hit you with that Egyptian Book of the Dead?
Well, you know God
I put you onto that for a reason
I did that 'cause, that's you, bro
That's your story
Look, everything Osiris went through, that's where you at with it right now
Just think about it
You a world civilizer, that was lured by the industry
Into your own sarcophagus
Ripped to pieces by your conspirators
By the media, by those jealous of you for no reason
And by other demonic agents of the system
Then, then you was put back together
Rebuilt by Isis, your wisdom, to rule everything from the land of the dead
In your case, it's the land of the mentally dead
All of this happened to the God by the time he was twenty-eight
You twenty-eight right now God, you feel me?
And that's holy breath right there, bro

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