I Call Fives

I Call Fives


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My last mistake

Just keep the worst locked inside of your mouth
The ones you don't want your lover to know
It's better if you just let him go
As we pass on in the night
you swear you won't go down without a fight

Hearts beat slowly she's still lonely
A feeling that she wants him to know
Hearts beat slowly why is she lonely
You left him for dead long ago

Feelings inside me stop me from trying
You know you were wrong from the start
I'm a composer and I'm one line closer
To the chorus that could ruin your life

First things first who are you trying to be?
You've got looks you've got charm
And lack maturity
You'd get down on your knees for the first boy you see
Stop saying sorry, and just forget about me

What will you do when she cries?
A horrible gleam you can see in her eyes
This is what happened to me
A lover of mine that she'll never be
It's never easy to say, I wasted my life away

First things first who are you trying to be?
You've got looks you've got charm
And lack maturity
You'd get down on your knees for the first boy you see
Stop saying sorry, stop saying sorry
And just forget about me

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