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Point o' viewz

[Hook: O.C.]
Yo, I'm here to make mad moves, I won't pop
On the planet to drop jewels, I won't pop
Perpretatin' fame into news
Give in O.C. point o' viewz

[Verse 1: O.C.]
Check me out, yo
Now for mine it's a threat to pose you like a gun
I even gon' stand and fight, or just run
Once battled for undisputed, I never been suted
The ones who persuted got suted up you loses now
Now, one dies of place by his foetus born
Devoted to hip hop you can call that I'm swarm
Pickin' logic on the topic for the object is divide it
I make sure folks pure and sense go inside it
Lights I'm shinin through about time, one, two
Hard work to mines, excellence over due, more than decent
My decense is Portugese and pops put me upon it like less than recent
But the stronghold of defense galved in my gut
I got power plates to pick from so like I said

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: O.C.]
Besides, check it out
Shag a lag infact why you conscience begged to be heard
Nag to whino, fag do what he said
Decided to take in all the gimmicky (drunk and imatry) trigger
Drinkin' Hennessy 'cited you up with energy
Think not, sucker, stop look and time it
I kick realities far beyond a canon
I coast a mic, I mic boast but never bite, my physics
With lyrics pose I'm mad scientist
My ethics are as authentic quite pure
And cure thoughts from Dally to the eastern shores
O.C. double E master I'm conquer pace
Plus I figure my mind is trapped beyond time and space
Don't waste time or write a rhyme in haste
They gotta fit like my foot size ain't it like I said

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: O.C.]
Check it out
Whether either or how well you rock well
Whether behind bars or dead my spirit will still dwell
The eyes of the wise I size up the par
Plus shine potential from the twilight of a star
So who sets the norm for soft
I can call for the rhyme come back on time and still get off
No smokescreen can blind me on account of my crystal, I
Whistle through the air like the stray of a pistol shot
Listen up I'm here and I'm official I'm metaphysical
Bein' worth seein' soon you'll be agreein'
I robbed the pulminary, adversaries get sweaty palms
Ain't ready for the mic so clap it of the arms
So I can stick with the crew and takin' mine after ours
Cause my purpose on the mic is to defeat all the frauds

[Hook: repeated 'til fade]

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O.C. is a performer. Their discography includes Word...Life, Jewelz, Oasis, Far From Yours and Time's Up. They are members of D.I.T.C. and The Crooklyn Dodgers.

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